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Cincinnati Nursing Home Honors Veterans

November 13, 2019
Terrace View Gardens honors our veterans! We have seven veterans who reside at the facility and two staff veterans! Terrace View Gardens would like to extend our gratitude to these veterans for keeping us safe and protecting our freedom. The residents had a great time at our Veterans Day celebration honoring Elmer Kruse (Army/WW2), Joan Enright (Army/Korea), Jack Gilbert (Marines/Vietnam), Daniel Lyons (Air Force/Vietnam), James Judge (Army), Glen Goerl (Navy), and Calvin Hubbell (Army).

All veterans were announced as they entered the celebration on the red carpet, and all were provided with pins designating their branch of service. Terrace View Gardens presented Elmer Kruse with a special memento for his service in World War 2. We also honored our two staff veterans, Vickie Turner (Army) and Tawanna Williams (Marines). We would like to offer a special thanks to Chris Green (Army), who spoke at our celebration and presented flags and tee-shirts to each veteran.

As part of the Foundations Health Solutions family of nursing homes, Terrace View Gardens is always looking for creative ways to expand our Culture of Care with our residents and our Cincinnati community.

Check out more pictures from our Veterans Day ceremony below:

Veterans Day at Terrace View

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